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Helping Business Owners Achieve Success - For Over 20 Years!


We work to improve our client’s odds for business success. We deliver strategic and tactical information to give our clients a competitive edge - in all aspects of their business.

We help our clients identify goals and make better and faster decisions for issues of leadership, growing pains management, new business development, and client development and retention. We listen, probe and brainstorm. Our deliverables are practical, proven tools and processes; useful industry information and resources; and, lessons learned from our own consulting experience. We hold them accountable for achieving the desired results.

Some of the most requested services are discussed in the following sections.

Leading the Business

  • B-S-A Executive Coaching Program (BSA™) for Owners. You gain an independent, objective and experienced business ally to serve as a Brainstorming partner, a confidential Sounding Board, a catalyst, and someone to hold you Accountable. The program usually includes monthly face-to-face meetings and unlimited phone calls and email.
  • S-4 Strategic Planning Program. What do you want your business to look like in 3 to 5 years? The strategic planning process prepares a business roadmap that includes: vision development; selecting an operating model; identifying and communicating your core values, uncovering hurdles, establishing realistic goals, selecting strategies and developing action plans.
    We meet 4 times a year (quarterly). Each meeting lasts about 4 hours. We prepare the agenda, lead the meeting, and take notes. During these meetings we check on progress toward the vision and goals; modify expectations if necessary; and hold each other accountable for achieving the goals. In the non-meeting months, we check on participants progress toward achieving their goals for the business.
  • Operations Review. Is there a weak link in your business? This review takes an independent and objective look at your business financial history, current business plan, sales and marketing activities, and employee organization. Feedback is often obtained from employees and clients. Recommendations for value-creating changes are provided.
  • Customized Leadership Development Program for Owners and Future Leaders. This ongoing mentoring program is focused on identifying, discussing, implementing, and monitoring fundamental leadership skills and tools. Individual programs vary in order to address the specific desires and needs of our clients.
  • Working with Other Business Professionals. Do you have a business attorney, CPA, and commercial loan officer? Why do you need them? What do you look for? How do you find the right ones? What do they expect from you? What should you expect from them? The right professionals will make your life easier and your business more valuable.

Growing Pains Management

  • Management Development Program for Current and Future Managers. This ongoing coaching program provides tools for improving self management and for managing the firm’s employees. Tools and skills commonly addresses include: prioritizing and time management, setting realistic goals and clear expectations, non-verbal communications, building rapport, delegation, empathic listening, giving rewards and recognition, motivating the staff, dealing with difficult employees, and running productive meetings.
  • Financial Forecasting and Cash Flow Management. This service provides tools to improve your cash management efforts. They include: preparing useful revenue (sold work plus percent of future sales) and expense forecasts; strengthening collections; a review of your invoices and billing process, preparing and monitoring budgets; financial statement analysis; and expense management.
  • Confidential “Growing Pains” and Culture Feedback Interviews with Key Employees. Selected employees are asked for feedback about the firm. The information enables owners to quickly discover sensitive issues; and, to benchmark the employees perception of the firm’s work environment with other service providers of similar size. Employees are often more willing to provide valuable feedback when the interviewer is independent of the firm and keeps individual responses confidential.
  • Tools and Resources for Hiring “A” Players. Staffing has become one of the most important challenges for the business owner. What are the different generations looking for in a job? Your business has unique demands on people. Improve your odds for success by updating your approach to recruiting and hiring.
  • Onboarding, Mentoring and Retaining the Right Employees. Talent management is becoming a top priority for business of all types. Once you find and hire the right employees – how long can you keep them? This answer depends on how well they understand and meet their expectations and how they are treated beginning Day 1.
  • Create Value through Strategic Acquisitions. If your decision is to grow by acquiring companies, we can help. Over the past 25 years we have started, built, purchased, sold, and merged businesses. We work with you to define your acquisition criteria and identify qualified businesses. If you desire, we can approach target companies on your behalf, communicate with the owners, and assist with the integration to help make the deal a win-win. We are not business brokers or investment bankers. We work as your consultant on a fix fee basis.

Business Development

  • Rainmaker Resource Program (RRP) for Owners and Future Seller-Doers. Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to sharpen your own client/customer–development skills and processes? Do you need more seller-doers? The Rainmaker Resource Program will help you achieve these objectives. This program is about developing new skills and developing new habits. And it's about accountability!
  • Decision–Maker Prospecting to Fill Your Sales Pipeline. Where are new clients/customers that need your services? Who is the decision maker? What are his or her interests outside work? Which businesses are they using now? This search doesn’t have to be like finding a needle in the haystack. Together we identify target industries and geographic preferences. Then we apply several market research tools to identify the right kind of prospects.
  • Target Client/Customer Capture Plans – Proactive Selling to Ideal Prospects. Tired of waiting for RFPs? If you already know who you would like to work with – take your prospects and convert them to clients or customers! We’ll make it easier for you to do. We highly recommend taking a proactive approach to securing or growing your ideal clients or customers. Start with a target client capture plan.
  • Keep and Grow the Right Clients/Customers with In-Person Client/Customer Feedback Interviews. We believe that buyer retention is the key to business success. Keeping and growing the good clients/customers you already have results in improved profitability, business referrals and advocacy, and revenue growth through cross selling. Third-party client/customer feedback interviews are a good first step for strengthening relationships with your best buyers. These in-person interviews are focused intelligence tools that provide a tremendous return-on-investment for you and your clients or customers.
  • Competitive Intelligence. We uncover, collect, analyze and present actionable information to help our clients outmaneuver and outperform the competition. Our objective is to provide an edge – some piece or pieces of timely, accurate information that will help them make better and faster decisions. The objective may be pursuing new clients or customers, new prospects, acquisition targets, or entering new markets and geographic areas.

In-House Training and Education: “Re-Fresher” Workshops

  • Eight Tools for Building a Successful Services Business. The “8 Tools” workshop is for owners of services companies in Central Texas - who want to be more profitable or want to continue being successful. Doug Hall, the presenter, has been where you want to go. He has started, built, purchased, sold and exited from service businesses. He has had plenty of opportunity to make ownership mistakes and to learn from them. Doug spent most of his career in Austin and now resides in Fredericksburg. In this workshop, he discusses the most critical business building challenges and provides suggestions and examples for addressing them.
  • Project Management Checklist and Accountability. Want to improve project management at your business? Ask your PMs to attend this workshop for a review of your business's recommended and required process. The information will help you hold the PMs accountable for their work.
  • Exceptional Customer Service is $Profitable! This interactive workshop, intended for business owners and managers, will address and discuss the following critical issues: the meaning of “Exceptional Customer Service”; questions to be covered in a customer service “needs analysis”; recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding staff with the right skills and talents; training ideas for improving manners, key employee competencies, language engineering and mistake-proofing; and, service recoveries, dealing with difficult customers.
  • People Skills for Professionals. It’s all about manners and making people feel comfortable; first impressions count – perception is reality; really useful attitudes; listening; small talk is the biggest talk we do; opening lines that lead somewhere; work a room – and enjoy it.
  • Proven Client and Customer Development Tools – An Overview. A proven formula for creating an elevator speech; the most powerful marketing and client/customer retention tool; the three most effective marketing strategies for professionals; three tools to improve your odds for winning new work; three ways to be more comfortable and confident working a room.
  • Fill Your Pipeline with New Prospects. Work on your elevator speech; describe your ideal prospects; differentiate your services from the competition; position yourself with the prospect; mine these sources for new leads; asking for referrals; get your message out; build a network; weekly client/customer development worksheets; following up.
  • Convert Qualified Prospects. Making warm calls; qualifying prospects; getting appointments; collecting and using referrals; interviewing/questioning skills; selling strategies; educating the prospect; keeping in touch; managing the prospect database; getting ready for the presentation; handling objections; and asking for the business.
  • Client Retention: Tools and Strategies to Keep and Grow Your Best Clients. Benefits of client retention; the “Leaky Bucket Theory”; the “dreaded Certified Letter”, strengthening the relationship; asking for feedback; the most powerful marketing and client retention tool; complaints are a gift; retention statistics; loyal vs satisfied clients; segmenting the client base; creating barriers to exit; and marketing plans for existing clients.
  • Communication and Networking Skills. Your elevator speech; rate your networking skills; make a good first impression; active listening; face-to-face conversations and small talk; building rapport; non-verbal communication; conversational etiquette; tips for working a room and enjoying it.

Exit Strategies and Succession Plans

If you are ready to move on to the next challenge, make sure you know what you want. You need a personal vision and a retirement financial plan. Then you need to find a suitable replacement! Ask to see our reports: Succession Planning – 11 Steps; and The Pros and Cons of Various Succession Plans.

  • Company Valuation – What is or will be the value of your company to a knowledgeable buyer? This is one of the first tasks to complete when considering a sale or an ownership transition plan.
  • Third–Party Interviews with Senior Managers to Solicit Feedback on an Upcoming Transition – In conjunction with the current CEO, we: prepare a list of questions for the interviews; conduct the interviews; and, summarize the feedback. The purpose is to add transparency to the transition plan.
  • One-Day Meeting to Align Strategy and Succession Goals for the New Year – The CEO and Senior Management meet to discuss the 3-5 year Vision, Core Values/ Operating Models, Market Forecasts, Goals and Strategies, and the Hurdles / Challenges ahead. They also discuss and have input on the recommended Duties, Skills and Talents for the next CEO. We prepare the Agenda, facilitate the meeting, and summarize results of the meeting.
  • CEO Candidate Evaluation – An independent evaluation of a candidate’s experience, familiarity with company operations, leadership talents and skills, team building and management experience, people skills and general business strengths. Will vary in focus depending on internal or external candidate. Will involve at least one meeting with the candidate. Findings and recommendations are made to the current CEO.
  • Recommendations for a Mentoring Program for the CEO Candidate – The purpose is to allow future leaders to learn through challenging assignments and on-the-job experience. Which ones are needed? Let’s discuss.
  • Mentoring Support and Oversight for CEO Candidate – The length of the program will vary. The objectives will be to prepare the candidate to be ready to receive a handoff of the CEO baton from the current CEO. The Mentoring Program Plan serves as the guide and the accountability yardstick. The amount of time the current CEO has available for mentoring will dictate the extent to which we are used. Our approach is to schedule the challenges; discuss and understand the need; monitor the candidate’s results, and make progress reports to the current CEO. Examples challenges may include: client meetings, conflict resolution, meetings with bankers, payroll accounting, budget preparation and many more.
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