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Helping Business Owners Achieve Success - For Over 20 Years!


My clients are Business Owners. They are growing or want to grow. They are responsible for annual revenue ranging from $250,000 to $10 million.

I work with decision makers, innovators, motivators and visionaries. They are leaders. They set the course for the business. They manage managers. They deliver recommendations, solutions, and quality products. They are enthusiastic and successful. They enjoy what they do – most of the time.

Business Owner Testimonials

  • “We looked to Doug and his real world experience to be a helpful field guide willing to consider our unique culture and marketplace sensibilities in combination with his counsel. He worked, we worked, it worked.”
  • “Doug, thanks for helping me re-focus my firm’s marketing and business development operations. The information you collected while interviewing key individuals has proven to be extremely valuable. I look forward to working with you again.”
  • “I suddenly saw my whole career in a nutshell! I appreciate your valuable insights and your tough questions. Thank you. You have saved me a lot of time.”
  • “I have known Doug for more than 20 years. Not only is he a good listener and sounding board but he also provides innovative solutions. I’ve learned to trust his judgment and have confidence in his recommendations.”
  • “First, Doug Hall listened. He then skillfully sorted and sized our issues, threats and opportunities. As a quick study and able facilitator, he efficiently and gently led us to think bigger and to reach farther, yet to bridle our scope in order to ultimately map out bold and achievable goals. As a result, our 30 year-old company met and exceeded planning goals with recent annual results among our top three best ever.”
  • “Yep – you’re good! Thanks for your patience and tenacity. I look forward to working with you, Doug.”
  • “Doug is able to structure agendas, plan brainstorming and training meetings, and get meaningful work out of group sessions.”
  • “We retained Doug to help with our strategic planning process. He worked closely with me to determine the topics and scope of the meeting. He moderated the sessions so the attendees were able to get the best results for the time spent.”
  • “Doug, it’s worth saying again…thank you for all the ways you help support me and my business!”
  • “For a small business, it is an invaluable asset to work with someone outside the company to whom you can be accountable in some way, but who is also 100% focused on achieving your goals. For some years now I have contracted Doug Hall as a consultant to my business. Our sessions run the gamut from employee evaluations to business development to personal growth and with each time we spend together I feel that my company and I move forward. Some steps are large, some are small; but always forward. ”
  • “I initially hired Doug for the B-S-A Program to help me redefine my company from a small “mom and pop” operation to a valuable business that I could sell. Doug provided valuable services as they became needed. And his approach changed as my company did. Initially, I relied upon Doug to be a trusted advisor and mentor – someone who listened carefully and provided the feedback I needed to hear, even (and especially) when I didn’t want to hear it! Sometimes, it took time to see his objective point of view. Doug was patient and encouraging through the entire process.
    The S-4 Strategic Planning Program was fundamental in generating a leadership team at the company. Doug planned the meetings and then held each team member accountable for commitments made. The process resulted in defining the structure of the company and progressing toward the company goals.
    During our work together, Doug had the end goal in mind. He prepared me for a sale to the point that I was ready when an interested prospect approached me. I believe that I got the highest value I could have for my company, and exactly what I wanted, because of Doug’s skillful coaching. From the time we began planning my exit to the time the sale closed, Doug was with there, my trusted sounding board.”
  • “Doug Hall helped me develop a robust marketing strategy to take my business to the next level. Specifically, Doug showed me how to identify the best market opportunities, conduct a productive conversation with the buyer, and make powerful presentations. He speaks from a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success. Doug’s advice is based on his keen ability to understand and analyze any situation and develop a practical strategy to get to the finish line. I recommend Doug to anyone who wants to create breakthrough growth strategies that work.”
  • “In the Fall of 2015 our Firm engaged the services of Doug Hall to support effective decision making relative to a corporate leadership succession plan. Doug provided a very necessary and critical independent role in our process. His services included, reviewing of our business plan and corporate historical data, as well as conducting interviews with all of the Principals to assess individual strength and leadership skills. He also facilitated a day long strategic planning session with perspective candidates. This was a very insightful exercise that provided much needed clarity of challenges and opportunities of the leadership transition and a valid framework for execution of the process.
    Doug was knowledgeable about our needs and responsive to our time frame. He is a competent business consultant, and can definitely bring value to the process of leadership transition. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need additional information on the W D Hall Company.”
  • “I met Doug through a mutual colleague and have spent some time with him regularly for several years to discuss business trends, ideas, growth challenges, etc. Doug has always listened attentively and has consistently been prescient in understanding people and trends, distilling the important stuff from the rest, and making recommendations. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone looking for an executive coach and mentor.”
  • “Doug is creative, honest, reliable, and always has the best interests of his clients in mind. He pushed and prodded me when I needed it, praised me when I deserved it, and stuck with me even when I put up resistance. He is a successful business person, life-long learner and excellent coach.”
  • “Doug Hall is an excellent Business Coach and Marketing Research Consultant. Doug will work with you to take your company to the next productive level and help you figure out exactly what is the next productive level for your company. Doug is an expert at marketing research and has helped me find opportunities that were invaluable. His business experience made him a wonderful Business Coach for me. I highly recommend Doug Hall.”
  • “Doug is consistent and persistent with monthly coaching in the areas of marketing and sales. Doug also has run a successful company and uses this experience to help me and my firm with the monthly challenges that come up in running a small business. Lastly, its great to have a “sounding board” from someone outside the firm to make sure I'm on track with my leadership of the company.”
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